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Dhanshristi  Membership

Dhanshristi Bhavishya Nidhi Corporation  is a membership base organization with Nineteen chapters across India. As a member of Dhanshristi you get to participate in an elaborate network of entrepreneurship development and members who continue to have a profound impact in the field of business development with financial Inclusion.

If these values are in keeping with your vision, then Dhanshristi Bhavishya Nidhi Corporation membership is for you. Dhanshristi is membership base organization, Membership is open to all small shopkeepers, Self Help Group members, Joint Liability members, traders, manufacturing unit & services persons support Dhanshristi's mission ( including Non-Business man ).  All membership are subject to the approval of the membership committee  of Dhanshristi Bhavishya Nidhi Corporation.

All of Dhanshristi’s membership categories and fees are determined by the Board and are subject to revision at the discretion of the membership Board.


Qualification of members

Membership shall be extended to any person whose application has been accepted and who has paid the required annual membership fee. All memberships are subject to the approval of the membership committee.

Please note that all Dhanshristi membership are per calendar year i.e.January 1st to 31st December.

For membership please share your profile / bio-data on official email of Dhanshristi


1.All Selected members are awarded Certificate of Practice & Identity  Card by Membership Selection Committee approval.


2.Members are giving opportunities by management to organized        Block/District level seminar or conference of financial inclusion behalf of organization to      promote ethics of Dhanshristi.


3.Members are promote to next level of designation as per performance of activity behalf of Dhanshristi.


4.Performer Members are giving income opportunities (Payroll or Consultant basis) by management for our Dhanshristi Financial Services department. 


All the above benefit with proud membership of Dhanshristi Bhavishya Nidhi Corporation is available only for Entry fees Rs. 250 +  Membership Fee Rs. 750 Total Rs. 1000/- 

Membership Registration
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